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About NetLinkz

We believe a great networking product is ultimately defined by user experiences across cloud and on-premise networks.

Our history began in the world’s most isolated city, where connectivity problems are endured unlike anywhere else. Sustaining the status quo by persisting with old-fashioned Firewall and VPN centric products was not feasible.

So we embarked on a journey developing technology for modern-day networks. We've won many awards along the way, including worldwide winner of the Global Security Challenge. Our virtualization-centric software introduces a big leap forward ... the Virtualization of Network Services.

We’ve achieved this by creating three software products:
Virtual Invisible Network (VIN)
Virtual Segmentation Platform (VSP)

Virtualizing Network Services spreads an advanced layer of security over new and existing ICT assets located in any network. This new end-to-end abstration layer also produces a whole new way to deliver solutions across networks.

This is enabling cloud providers, OEM partners, software developers and network administrators like you to efficiently deliver truly remarkable solutions across customer cloud and on-premise networks.

The Problem

To meet the demands of today’s computer networks, you need the ability to quickly deliver the best solutions across new and existing ICT infrastructure in the most efficient and secure manner.

To stay competitive, the time it takes to deliver these solutions across cloud and on-premise networks needs to change from weeks to minutes and operations must go from manual to software defined solutions.

Users, applications and devices are tied to 20-year old Firewall and VPN centric network architecture. This causes significant security issues and greatly impedes efficient and scalable delivery across networks. Throwing more human capital and compute resources at this architecture proves too expensive and complex to sustain.

To address this problem, and to give you greater levels of control, we bring a fresh approach to computer networking using modern-day virtualization techniques and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technologies. Our software is creating new frontiers for networking in so many areas and makes the things you do a lot easier and way more vibrant.

Virtualization of Network Services

Use our software to create new abstraction layers for your network perimeters, Internet connections and user devices

This patented software unites IEEE 802.1q VLAN techniques with Layer-2 Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology, so truly meshed stealth connections are created over networks (e.g. Internet) in minutes.

Installed on a single server (physical or virtual), this patented software creates a hardened, pen-tested network of multi-tenant services (abstraction layer of new end-points) out front of any network.

Used separately, these software products solve major security and connectivity problems. Cleverly used together, this software creates a virtualized end-to-end platform between points of origin and points of destination situated in any network (i.e. cloud, on-premise) and Internet transport layers.


In minutes, you can now create and deliver advanced networking solutions as-a-Service.

New Possibilities

Until now, those who help establish network connections receive very few benefits from over-the-top solutions. Using software to form a new abstraction layer at the edge of networks, over the Internet and across user devices creates significant possibilities.

What’s unique is the same virtualization-centric software, setting a new bar for cyber security, provides you with the simplicity and elasticity to quickly deliver remarkable solutions across any network using new and existing IT products.

Cloud providers, network administrators and technology partners (e.g. OEMs, software developers) can now interact with customers and deliver a wide range of high-demand solutions in a whole new way!

Example:   VIN Significantly Outperforms VPN


New and existing IT products are united with our software platform to create a whole new level of security, capabilities and efficient delivery across networks.

Telstra Cloud is an example where our software platform is deployed in cloud infrastructure and new solutions are provided to end-customers via Telstra Partners using the Testra Apps Marketplace. This provides enormous benefits to our software partners and end customers.

Telstra and their channel partners also receice significant value. What's unique is these solutions were once classified as over-the-top. Previously, Telstra and their partners were unable to generated revenue or deeper customer relationships from these solutions because they could NOT fulfill customer needs using traditional firewall and vpn centric methods. This all changes with our software platform:

Secure Desktop Access

In minutes, a fast and secure RDP, VNC & SSH gateway solution is delivered ... as-a-Service


Unified SD-WAN

This P2P technology takes SD-WAN to new levels and eliminates VPN - including all its problems


Proxy Security as-a-Service

Complicated proxies and IDS can be setup in minutes and delivered as-a-Service



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Amplify Security

Our technology makes Fortune-500 security commercially available for organizations of all sizes. We have received numerous industry awards for this innovation at the highest level, including worldwide winner of the Global Security Challenge. Since winning these awards, the problems associated with inadequate network segmentation have worsened with the proliferation of cloud technology and mobile computing.

However, there's another dark side to cyber security ... the cost and complexity associated with needing to deploy a number of systems to stop many attack vectors. Currently, there is no silver bullet (single product) to stop many different types of attack. We believe the solution requires a unified approach. That's why we built a platform capable of rapidly deploying security solutions across the network. To date, we have found most security products have a role to play across a new abstraction layer.

Because today's security products were designed to reside behind the firewall, they receive a whole new level of effectiveness, scalability and delivery across networks when deployed in or around your ChinaTelecom platform.

Penetration Tested

Our software products have been idependently tested for known extreme, high, medium, and low risk vulnerabilities and rated according the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). During these extensive assessments, our technology has been proven to deceive the attacker(s) and hide networks locally and over the Internet.

Providing penetration-tested software saves you significant amounts of time, money and resources for compliance and assurance purposes.

SecureState Report